Welcome to the official website of Joystick Mobile Video Gaming, a new company on the launch in Jackson, MI. 

We’re raising funds to help us put together a one of kind experience for you and your family. Once we’re up and running we’ll be able to bring the party to you. 

In the meantime, we’re more than happy to host you in downtown Jackson! Joystick MVG is a 28-foot car hauler transformed into a multi-player, multi-system gaming utopia. Featuring 5 screens inside, capable of hosting up to 20 players simultaneously. Joystick is powered by an on-board generator, mounted on the nose of the unit and features 2 climate control units installed on the roof to help keep you comfortable while you party! Uniquely Joystick will be equipped with units that respond directly with the game to provide a physical experience for the gamer.